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Ideally you will include one of our buttons on your home page as well as a larger banner or text link on your main links page. Before listing your site we require at least a prominent link on your main links page, which should be easily and directly accessible from your home page.

You may suggest which categories of our directory are relevant to your site, or leave us to choose some categories for you...
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I prefer you to choose some appropriate categories on my behalf (along with an appropriate sample image for each category)

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You may link each thumbnail to the full size image.
You may link each thumbnail to the full size image, but only for images taken from the free area of my site and not the members area.
You may link each thumbnail to the full sized image, but use no more than full size images.
I prefer that you only use thumbnail sized images to represent my site.

If your site is subscription based then a guest membership would be helpful. This helps us to more accurately assess your site and so may result in a higher position in our directory. It also makes it easier for us to find sample thumbnail images and so may result in your site being listed in more categories.
My site does not have a members area
I prefer not to (or I am unable to) provide guest access to the members area of my site
You may access the members area of my site using the following details...

Does your site have an affiliate scheme?     Yes     No
Please provide full details of any affiliate scheme, including details of processor, initial and recurrent rates, cookie lengths and sign-up URL, in the comments box below.

Does your site have a "toplist" which automatically rewards those sites that send most traffic?   Yes No
Please give the URL of any toplist (including sign-up URL) in the comments box below.

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You may email us at if you would like to discuss any of the above options, or if you have any queries or suggestions relating to site submissions or any other aspects of the Dressed To Tease directory.

In the unlikely event that you should be unhappy with your entry in our directory after suggesting your site (eg with the description, ranking, categories where listed, sample images used, etc.) then you may email us to discuss any issues. If we are unable to reach an agreement you may, of course, ask us to remove your site from our directory at any time.

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