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Suggest your site for the Dressed To Tease directory

If you have a website that you feel is suitable for our directory we would very much like to hear from you.
All suggestions will be carefully considered. We will usually get back to you within 7 days if we decide to include your site, but it can take up to two weeks for your site to actually get listed.

Eligibility and requirements for listing

At Dressed To Tease the emphasis is on classy, glamorous women flashing and teasing, sexy clothing and lingerie, and other "soft" fetishes, although we do list sites which also contain some stronger content.
We only include websites in the directory which are mainly made up of unique content. Also, we need permission to use at least one thumbnail sized picture from your website to illustrate your entry.

Submission is free of charge, but we do ask that you place a reciprocal link to Dressed To Tease on your site, preferably on your home page, before submitting. Linking instructions and banners are available here.
If you have an affiliate scheme then we may consider listing your site without a reciprocal link, but we do still much prefer you to link back as well.

Our links page as an alternative to a directory listing

If your site content is not mainly unique (eg if your site is a directory or is largely made up of guest galleries), or if you are unable or unwilling to allow the use of any thumbnails from your site, then we may instead be able to add your banner and/or text description to our links page. Please email us at if you would like to discuss the possibility of a reciprocal link on our links page.

Appearing in multiple categories

If we accept your site for the directory itself, we may include it in more than one category. Your site will tend to be listed in a higher position for those categories for which it is most relevant. For example, an excellent pantyhose fetish site might get listed on the 2nd page of the Pantyhose/Stockings section, but only the 4th page of the more general Underwear section.

Use of thumbnails and/or full size pictures

We use at least a thumbnail sized picture from your site to illustrate your entry in each category where your site is listed. You may suggest an image for each category relevant to your site, or leave it to us to pick out some appropriate pictures.

With your permission, we prefer to link these thumbnails to the corresponding full size pictures, delivered from our own server. This allows us to even better promote your site. But the use of full size pictures is entirely optional - you may specify that we should only use thumbnail sized images when you complete the submission form.

Any pictures taken from your site (whether full size or thumbnails) will be used solely for the purpose of promoting your website in the Dressed To Tease directory, with a single picture used in each category where your site is listed. They will be delivered from our own server, using our own bandwidth.
Of course, they remain your pictures and you can ask us to remove any pictures (or your entire directory entry) at any time.

Enter your site details

If you would like to go ahead and suggest your site for our directory, please click on the link below:

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