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Featuring romantic and sensual bondage, domination and BDSM fantasies where helpless (but adult and consensual) women are tied up, bound, gagged and/or blindfolded whilst fully or partially dressed in sexy clothes and lingerie. Many of the sites in this section feature sado-masochistic fantasy role play. All fetish activity takes place in a responsible way in a safe environment, and all participants are consenting adults who are not in any way harmed or injured. This directory is not suitable for children - see our content warning page.
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Archives Bondage
 Site dedicated to romantic female bondage, the damsel in distress and dominant/submissive relationships. Featuring bondage and fetish images, erotic fiction and videos.
Showcases pictures/CDROMs and videos/DVDs available to order online.
Site contains hundreds of free sample pictures.
Futile Struggles
 This bondage site is all about variety... variety in restraints (rope, cotton, hemp, nylon, handcuffs, leather, wire, nylon, zip ties, etc) and variety in settings (indoors, outdoors, sheds, barns, public places, dungeons, etc). Features a variety of women (from bondage superstars to girl next door types, young, mature, tall, short, blondes, brunettes, red heads, etc) wearing a variety of attire (street clothes, costumes, nude, fetish wear, etc). The style of photography also varies, from beautiful glamour shoots to a more amateur Damsel in Distress feel. The videos also vary in style from just plain struggling to more storyline based. The site is updated almost daily.
Subscription site, containing hundreds of pictures with about 20 free samples.
Blindfold Bound
 Featuring gorgeous girls in satin and silk blouses, expertly bound, gagged and blindfolded. Businesswomen in suits, pencil skirts and smart shirts, secretaries in short skirts and silky blouses, air stewardesses in uniform skirts, blouses and scarves, sexy ladies in satin blouses and leather trousers or skirts they can all be found here and all have one thing in common. They have all been bound, gagged and blindfolded.
Subscription site, containing thousands of pictures with about 20 free samples.
Frankie and Friends
 Featuring Frankie and her friends in fetish scenes including bondage, female to female domination, spanking, maids and adult schoolgirls, and many more.
Subscription site, containing over 4,000 pictures with about 65 free samples.
Students Bound
 Featuring photos and movies of real college girls (18+) bound, gagged and dominated. With weekly updates. All models are of legal age for adult modelling.
Subscription site, containing hundreds of pictures with about 70 free samples.
College Captives
 High quality movies and photos sets of sexy college girls, bound and gagged. Featuring real college students from Europe, restrained and humiliated. With several updates added weekly. All models are of legal age for adult modelling.
Site features video clips available for streaming and/or download. Also includes hundreds of pictures.
Glamour Vision
 Pretty girls in their lacy undies, silk full slips and half slips, silky dresses and blouses. Look up their skirts and dresses and see their sexy slips, panties and underwear.
Subscription site, containing over 10,000 pictures with about 15 free samples.
Ashley Renee
 Ashley Renee is a beautiful and naturally submissive woman who's at her best when she's bound and gagged! Featuring new pictures and video clips every week.
Subscription site, containing hundreds of pictures with about 19 free samples.
Imago Studios
 Imago Studios specialize in melodramatic "damsels-in-distress" bondage videos and photos starring the cute girl-next-door, the sexy college coed, the conservatively dressed secretary, the flirty waitress, etc.
Subscription site, containing over 6,500 pictures with about 20 free samples.
Artemis Bound
 Features Artemis Antone's bondage pics, bound and gagged damsels-in-distress fantasies, bondage stories, bondage biography and more.
Subscription site, containing over 5,000 pictures with about 30 free samples.


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Warning! - This directory is not suitable for children and some adults - see our content warning page.

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